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"First and foremost, it is When Pigs Fly Farm’s mission to provide the highest quality, freshest and healthiest produce and meats available. We pledge to grow and raise everything on the farm strictly organically, using sustainable agricultural practices to preserve, enhance and improve the land. We strive to educate our community of customers on the value of small family farms, the importance of knowing who grows the food we consume and how it is grown, and the merits of buying local."
---Sandra & Andy Snyder

Community Supported Agriculture – 2014 Growing Season

Sandra and Andy Snyder, the farmers and owners of When Pigs Fly Farm, are pleased to announce that the CSA component of our farm will continue for the 2014 season. two seasons ago, after selling at several Farmers’ Markets for 14 years, we decided to start selling more of our products directly to consumers at the farm rather than focusing on the Farmers’ Markets, and the When Pigs Fly Farm CSA was formed. Though the Farmers’ Markets were always very successful for us, they were incredibly time consuming and labor intensive. We found that by focusing our efforts more on the CSA, our time and efforts were more productive, allowing us to grow more and offer a larger variety. It is our intention to continue to supply the absolute best produce and products available to our member CSA community and to the farm stand. Please read on to see how our CSA works and how you can become a CSA member.

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